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Pink and Blue Smiler Bracelet from Frankies Jewellery

Smiler Bracelets

Smiler bracelets are 1-3 different colours.
Each bracelet has a smiley face in the middle surrounded by different coloured beads.

Frankies Jewellery Bracelets


Each bracelet is unique and all handmade. We have a range of different styles and colours to suit everyones taste.

Halloween bracelets

Seasonal bracelets!

Seasonal Bracelets are Bracelets themed with a season, like, Halloween Bracelets, christmas bracelets and loads more!!

Frankies Jewellery Bracelets Range
What we do

Handmade Jewelry 

I make, trendy, fashionable jewelry for affordable prices. We ship to the uk only! I make bracelets, alough i have lots of new items coming soon! This includes Rings,bracelets, phone charms and earings! Subcribe below